Problem with syslogd and klogd creating pid files.

Alan Chandler alan at
Sun Nov 2 11:36:18 PST 2003

I am almost there with my basic LFS system.

However, instead of using the LFS bootscripts, I am using make and a makefile 
to control the various elements of startup.  I am having a problem with 
syslogd and klogd daemons.

When they startup, they are not creating the pid files, which is then playing 
havoc with my makefiles that is trying to use these pid files to determine 
whether to start the daemon on runlevel change.

I also have the lfs bootscripts to hand, and it looks to me that they are 
starting these daemons by calling loadproc() routine in /etc/init.d/
functions.  Looking at this closely it appears check to see whether the pid 
already exists, and if not then just runs the daemon. 

Have I misunderstood something?  If so what
Alan Chandler
alan at

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