Post-LFS Login Issue

Michael Altizer xiche at
Sun Nov 2 16:01:04 PST 2003

I read the FAQ and could not find something relating to this, so either 
I missed it or it is uncommon.
After installing LFS and rebooting the system, everything seems to go 
fine until it finishes the init scripts but does not prompt for a login, 
and instead just hangs until ctrl-alt-del.  I can get a bash shell by 
passing init=/bin/bash, but I cannot remember how to have the system 
automatically prompt for a login (was it a service to be started?).

This is what my rc3.d looks like:
S10sysklogd  S20network

And my rcsysinit.d:
S10swap  S20mountproc  S30checkfs  S40mountfs  S50cleanfs  S60setclock  
S70loadkeys  S80localnet

Any help is appreciated.

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