Symlink on /mnt did the trick!

Kevin Boergens kevin at
Sat Nov 1 12:39:13 PST 2003

>>Now my question: Obviously the libary paths are
>>messed up. Is there any 
>>possibility to fix this or have I to start again
>>from scratch?

> It's best to do everything from the LFS book. Then
> when you have that experience, you could go off in
> whatever direction you wanted.

I expected that answer, but it doesn't help me:
I had a lot of work with my system, and I really like it, so I won't 
start from scratch. In fact it all works fine, the only thing that 
disturbs me is this ugly symlink blocking my /mnt folder.

Another thing: If I restart from scratch, I won't be able to find out 
what went wrong - and I go trough all of this to learn more about 


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