Symlink on /mnt did the trick!

Kevin Boergens kevin at
Sat Nov 1 04:32:46 PST 2003


This is not the completely right place to ask, but I would be happy if 
you helped me nevertheless. I don't have any installed system, so I 
started to build my own system with a knoppix live system from CD.

I partly used the instructions form lfs and partly the help from 
"building a minimal system from source code" from Greg o Keefe.
I compiled grup, linux, init, glibc, ncurses, util-linux and bash 
(nothing static), but when I tried to chroot to /mnt (There I mounted 
the new system), bash didn't find the needed libaries.

I got nearly crazy, until I made a symlink in the target system from mnt 
  to . and now everything works fine!

Now my question: Obviously the libary paths are messed up. Is there any 
possibility to fix this or have I to start again from scratch?


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