Getting ready to attempt an install..

Nathan Ladd nathanladd at
Fri Jan 31 20:11:49 PST 2003

Alan Grimes wrote:

> Lilo is a suckey proprietary booter and even though GRUB blows donkeys
> it does aim to establish a standard... =\

LILO stands for linux loader.  To be quite honest, though, I am considering
switching back to Windows for Microsoft's bootloader, which is much
superior.  Since it's not proprietary like LILO is, it's not hindered by
such issues as configuration and checking to make sure there's nothing
already written in the MBR.  Also, since Windows automatically puts it in
the MBR and properly detects other operating systems without a hitch,
there's no need to go into a text editor or heaven forbid recompile a
kernel to get the bootloader working.

Like you, I haven't tried GRUB or know anything about it either, so I can
safely agree with that statement.  GRUB *does* blow donkeys.

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