Installation of GCC-3.2 failed with Segmentation fault

Stefan Krah sfk1 at
Fri Jan 31 13:17:12 PST 2003

* You <somewhere at> wrote:
[Segmentation fault,]
> I'm afraid it doesn't ... I ran Memtest86 for 8 hrs and no mention of an
> error ...

Yes, but the long answer in the faq points you to a site which even doubts
the validity of memtest results:

| However, when "memtest86" tells you that your RAM is ok, you might be
| tempted to believe it. It's telling you that it couldn't find any
| problems. It's not telling you that your RAM is flawless.

Aside from that there could be other hardware issues:

Do you overclock? Is the CPU properly cooled? Proper IDE cables?

You could also download prime95 from,
run the torture test for several hours (afaik 24) and see if you get any

Stefan Krah
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