Installation of GCC-3.2 failed with Segmentation fault

Me somewhere at
Fri Jan 31 11:26:31 PST 2003

The installation of GCC-3.2 failed in the 'make prefix=$LFS/static install'
phase with the following error :

/mnt/lfs/srce/gcc-build/gcc/xgcc -B/mnt/lfs/srce/gcc-build/gcc/ -B/mnt/lfs/s
tatic/i586-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ -B/mnt/lfs/static/i586-pc-linux-gnu/lib/ -isyst
/mnt/lfs/static/i586-pc-linux-gnu/include -O2 -DIN_GCC    -W -Wall -Wwrite-s
trings -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -isystem
./include  -I. -I. -I../../gcc-3.2/gcc -I../../gcc-3.2/gcc/. -I../../gcc-3.2
/gcc/config -I../../gcc-3.2/gcc/../include  -g0 -finhibit-size-directive -fn
o-inline-functions -fno-exceptions -fno-omit-frame-pointer \
   -c ../../gcc-3.2/gcc/crtstuff.c -DCRT_BEGIN \
  -o crtbegin.o
../../gcc-3.2/gcc/crtstuff.c: In function `__do_global_dtors_aux':
../../gcc-3.2/gcc/crtstuff.c:286: internal error: Segmentation fault

I'm a complete newbie at Linux. Any hints to put me in the right direction
would be appreciated.

Joris Janssen.

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