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Alan Grimes alangrimes at
Fri Jan 31 13:58:03 PST 2003


First off I gotta get something off my chest: I HATE LINUX!!!

With that said, lets continue: 

I greatly admire the Squeak environment and want to create an ultra-low
overhead squeak machine. ( ). Leenooks seems to be the
best way to do that... 

I went and downloaded all of the LFS packages and then found all the
updates... -- it seems some of the updates might have broken the patches
you provided... most notably GCC 3.2.1 which contains about 10^9
bugfixes... I'll look into applying the patches manually... -- I never
figured out how to use "patch" anyway... =\ 

On a side note, I discovered that the LFS-packages.tar contained
everything that was in the directory, so It seems I may have downloaded
everything twice, For clarity I think you should move the "everything"
tarfile down a directory so it isn't confused with the normal packages. 

I am working on an Athlon 800 with a 60gb drive (SuSE 8.0). I want to
install it on an Athlon MP class machine with a 850 mb HD ( I have
decided to put my foot down on software bloat and refuse to install a
bigger drive untill the software proves its worth!)... I can put the 850
in the athlon classic but I'm concerned about properly building
everything for the --target=athlon-xp

Once the system is up I don't plan on re-building any of the linux
sources there though I will be needing to be able to rebuild squeak, L4,
OSKit, and GRUB. 

Lilo is a suckey proprietary booter and even though GRUB blows donkeys
it does aim to establish a standard... =\

I was greatly annoyed that you included vim as a standard package. vi is
the most evil piece of software ever written. If a judge sentanced
someone to use vi for 30 days, the sentance would be overthron on appeal
for being cruel and unusual punishment. 

I ripped that out with extreme prejudice and downloaded ee instead,
which I presume will not be as sadistic... 

The squeak system itself will probably require some h4x0r!ng to run
without an x-server and even more h4x0r!ng to take advantage of both
physical processors -- that's the primary goal of this endeavour, to
give myself more experience with this type of software. 

The LFS book itself has too many dead/unnecessary pages to be
cost-effective to print even though I prefer hardcopies... 

I've read up to ch.2 at this point an will be returning to it in a day
or so. 

Any advice/pointers appreciated.


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