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Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at eos.sunderland.ac.uk
Thu Jan 30 08:23:08 PST 2003

"Ian Molton" <spyro at f2s.com> wrote in message
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> On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 15:56:02 +0000 (UTC)
> Tony at Sequeira.com ("Tony Sequeira") wrote:
> > > <cut MONSTER 22 line signiture>
> >
> > > Please DO NOT ever do that again.
> >
> > I appreciate the 'Please', but only a little.  Are you asking me
> > not to post from work?  You do realise I have no control over the
> > legalese appended to all outgoing email messages from my place of
> > work.  I am willing to stop if requested to by the list owners OK.
> > Will that do?  Happy now?
> Does your emplyer mind you posting at work? (curiosity only, I assure
> you)
> Do you have no other way of posting from there? webmail? use nntp?

Webmail) Many employers block known webmail servers from getting past
the corporate firewall, at least this was my experience while working at
a rather large telecoms company in Britain last year.  Admittedly their
"reasonable use" of IT equipment did say that only posts to newsgroups
that had some benefit to the company should be made.  Seeing as they're
a mainly Windows (desktop) or Solaris (server) house then I don't think
that posting to a Linux newsgroup would have been seen as for company

NNTP) Again nntp servers will typically only carry a regulated list of
newsgroups typically cached on their own servers.  I could never be
bothered to find out whether any other nntp servers could be got at coz
it was running under an MS Exchange environment which was frustrating at

I'm not sure whether Tony's situation is the same but it is becoming all
too common now.  I especially like it when the legalese contains wording
similar to "if you believe you have received this message in error
please do your best to forget you ever saw it because it's highly
confidential and we really don't want it getting into the wrong hands.
Please phone (01234) ?????? to report this and you'll talk to some daft
cow in a call centre that doesn't even know what email is".



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