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Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at sapo.pt
Wed Jan 29 18:59:18 PST 2003

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 01:12:53 +0000, Ian Molton wrote:

> Mandrake (AFAIK) dont ship stock kernels.
> Get the source for the mandrake kernel, and diff it against yours. if
> they match, and assuming no compiler bugs are playing here, then the
> problem is non-kernel.

	Thank you for your support

Mandrake does not ship stock kernels.
In fact, I think that the kernel rpm shipped with my distro doesn't even
match the working bzImage (vmlinuz)!
Thanks to lfs, I've already compiled and recompiled lots of images, but
with mandrake I cannot do something as simple as recompile the kernel
changing only the cpu type! It always gives me lots of unresolved

du -b linux-2.4.18/      == 151 056 384
du -b linux-2.4.18-6mdk/ == 158 429 184
diff -Naur $1 $2         ==  77 504 009

Should I try downgrading to 2.4.18 and applying this mandrake "patch" ?


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