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Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 29 15:55:37 PST 2003

Hi everyone

Before I submit a bug report to the lkml related to a lfs based system, I
want to discuss it here with you.
I've got a kernel 'oops'!
After I successfully connect to the internet, whenever I start giving
reasonable use to the machine it gives me this error and disconnects.
Reasonable use can be compiling something, untaring a package or even a
long 'find'!
In other conditions, whenever I loose my connection, I have to remove some
modules and unplug my modem in order to re-initialize it. After the
'oops', 'modprobe -r usb-uhci' hangs! Not the entire system; it just
doesn't return the prompt. If I change tty and enter 'lsmod', it lists the
module marked '(deleted)'.
Although my problem isn't with any of the lfs or blfs packages it still is
with a lfs based system. My first and only commercial distro is
mandrake-8.2 and that same package compiles and runs without any problem.
This package contains the usermode driver for my usb modem. It can be
found here http://eciadsl.flashtux.org/index.php?lang=en .
To be sure I wasn't making any mistake, I made another lfs-4.0 system using
devine/patricio Makefile. That package only requires ppp and I used 2.4.1
and its instrution as in the blfs book. That package also includes a file
that states which options have to be enabled into or as a module in the
kernel. Other settings that had to be made I found either in the lfs site
or in the mandrake system and are
cd /dev/pts && mknod --mode=0620 0 char 136 0
and this in /etc/modules.conf
alias char-major-108 ppp_generic
alias tty-ldisc-14 ppp_synctty
alias tty-ldisc-13 n_hdlc

I've attached a tar with 3 files:
- oops.sysklogd.txt = the relevant extract from /var/log/sys.log;
- oops.command.txt = command used to generate ksymoops's output;
- oops.ksymoops.txt = output from ksymoops.

I've taken my problem to the eciadsl developers. They made their
questions, asked me to make some tests and even messed with my kernel
.config. No success!
I've upgraded my kernel to ...20 (and related modutils), downgraded
it to ...18 (which is the one my mandrake uses and doesn't 'oops') and even 
tried mandrake's .config. No success!
And it's this last mentioned attempt that makes me think it really isn't
a kernel issue.

If this sounds like I'm expecting someone here to solve my problem, maybe 
that's because I am. If this sounds rude, it isn't intencional.
This is way, way, way, way,... over my knowledge. Compared to yours, my 
knowledge is considered common-sence ;p ; so, I'll go wherever the tide 
takes me!

Yours trully (fscked-up)

Rui Ferreira

Kernel Panic: command.com found!

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