Eric Miller etmilleretmiller at
Wed Jan 29 07:26:53 PST 2003

> I downloaded a LFS CD to install it on a new and
> clean drive.

Which LFS CD?  

> I partioned it with hda1 /boot
>                          hda2 /swap
>                          hda3 /
> Then i've made filesystems on the disk (ext2 for
> hda1 and ext3 for hda3)
> So far, so good. Now i mounted hda3 to /mnt/lfs to
> build my system and build 

That's cool, but if you plan to use a seperate boot
partition for LFS, be sure to 

mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/lfs/boot

You would do this right after the "create directories"
script in at the start of Chapter 6, before continuing
with the build.  If this is confusing, then don't use
a sep boot partition.  Just follow the book's
directions for using one partition.  Get fancy next
time ;)

> How to set up lilo in this configuration ??

Understand that there are some subtle differences
between installing from a CD host and installing from
a regular "installed" host.  If you are not
comfortable with that, you may have better luck just
following the book exactly for your fist time.

To answer your question, you will install lilo from
inside the chroot enviroment in Chapter 6.  You will
build the lilo package, edit the lilo.conf, and run
lilo to write to /dev/hda in your situation.

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