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On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:21:32 +0100
Rolf Lindenbring <rolf.lindenbring at> wrote:

> Hi List,
> i think someone has to explain me again the boot concept please.
> I downloaded a LFS CD to install it on a new and clean drive.
> I partioned it with hda1 /boot
>                          hda2 /swap
>                          hda3 /
> Then i've made filesystems on the disk (ext2 for hda1 and ext3 for
> hda3) So far, so good. Now i mounted hda3 to /mnt/lfs to build my
> system and build everything like discribed in the book. But now comes
> my question. 
> How to set up lilo in this configuration ??

I use a boot cd of my own creation which loads a 4mb ramdisk mounted at
/. Extra bin utils are on the cd and there is a sym link from /usr to
the cdrom's /usr. Not sure what type of environment your boot cd
provides, but if it is similar, you should be able to run /sbin/lilo
from chroot. Of course the book advises against this because it could
mess up an existing lilo. But since you are doing this on a clean drive
and your build environment is provided via a ramdisk (I'm assuming),
there is nothing to mess up.

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