Rolf Lindenbring rolf.lindenbring at
Wed Jan 29 05:21:32 PST 2003

Hi List,
i think someone has to explain me again the boot concept please.
I downloaded a LFS CD to install it on a new and clean drive.
I partioned it with hda1 /boot
                         hda2 /swap
                         hda3 /
Then i've made filesystems on the disk (ext2 for hda1 and ext3 for hda3)
So far, so good. Now i mounted hda3 to /mnt/lfs to build my system and build 
everything like discribed in the book. But now comes my question. 

How to set up lilo in this configuration ??

When i've had been installed this on an other machine which has a linux system 
with lilo as bootloader i could go ahead with the book, but now ??

Have i to  mount hda1 to /mnt/lfs/boot ?
How could i install lilo in the mbr ?
(and could see my kernel)


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