newbie problem with hard disk space...

The Cheeze Cheeziologist at
Tue Jan 28 17:51:24 PST 2003

Marc Brekoo [marc at] wrote:
> Please note that he has still >160megs of memory free... why would a
> box with that kind of free mem go to swap? I guess the box hasn't
> been up long when this command was executed.

Not true. When that command was executed my uptime was about 25 days
14hrs or so (power outage knocked it down....d'oh!). The issue that I
would imagine that keeps me from using swap is that my LFS system is a
router/server and only has sshd, proftpd, and folding at home running. At
the time I ran `free` there were no active ftp connections and the only
active ssh one was myself.

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