Full LVM target system

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Mon Jan 27 06:36:09 PST 2003

* Sequeira, Tony <Tony.Sequeira at Edexcel.org.uk> [2003-01-27 13:55]:
> I want to create a full LVM LFS installation, using
> Chris's LFS 5.0 CDROM (thanks Chris), onto a clean
> system with nothing installed.
> The CD has the lvm nodules included, but not the tools.
> This is not a problem (I hope), as I can build them myself,
> on my existing Debian system.  I am thinking about placing
> the tools on a floppy, which I can mount and use before
> starting the installation.
> This should allow me to create the required LVs (I hope).
> What worries me, is that the (VG) devices will be created in
> the installation medium, but not on the target system.  I am
> hoping that having done all this, I can somehow mount the
> target drive and create the required volume group(s) on the
> target system, allowing me to boot from it.
> Is this feasible?  Alternatively, I can transfer the system,
> once created to LVs as I did with my Debian system.
> Any more ideas?  Anyone tried anything similar?  Any pointers
> at all?  Have I gone stark, staring mad?
I am in the middle of something similar.

Already done:
* Modified the grub LVM patch to work with grub-0.92
  This makes it possbile to load kernels and initial ramdisks
  from lvm partitions. It should be possible to load configuration
  files from LVM too. This failed last time I tried, but I have not
  looked into why.
* Modified the grub LVM patch to work with grub-0.93
  I have only tried this once, and it did load an initial ram-disc
  and kernel from an LVM partition which booted happily. It needs
  much more testing.
* A very small initial ramdisc program (lvmboot) that runs vgscan and
  vgcreate for old style (pre lvm_0.9.1_beta8) volumes. These programs
   must be run before the kernel can access any LVM partition. Changes
  to the kernel initialisation, headers and the LVM tools make this
  program hard to recompile. Once compiled, it is very reliable
  (I have been using it since lvm-0.9.0 was out), but required that
  the kernel has lvm compiled in (not as modules).
* Modification to lvmboot to work with lvm-1.0.5. I have this, but
  it has never been tested.
* Boot cd with patched grub that can boot LVM partitions.

In progress:
* Boot cd with patched grub that can boot LVM partitions, and has
  a cut down LFS compiled for 486 or above that can create logical
  volumes and recompile LFS. In yesterday's attempt I forgot to
  compile the cdrom diver into the kernel, so it could not boot.

* Modification to lvmboot to work with the latest lvm's.
* Incorporate lvmboot into busybox so the initial ramdisk can be used
  to load modules and restore a system from binary backups, or boot
  a CD distribution that can recompile LFS.

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