chapter 6 installation of kernel headers

James Cozine jmcozine at
Mon Jan 27 15:14:28 PST 2003

"Joe" <no1joe at> writes:

> "James Cozine" <jmcozine at> wrote...
>> "Joe" <no1joe at> writes:
>> > im using kernel version 2.5.31
>> Unless you know what you're doing, *don't*.  2.4.20 is the current
>> stable.
> you think its the version im using? ill check the kernels website.
> i've done a lfs system before using 2.5.6 or so

2.5.x is development, where sweeping changes occur.  Perhaps they
removed the symlinks target from the Makefile, so look there (I don't
know myself; haven't used a development kernel since 2.4.[0-10] ;)

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