proc/bus/usb does not exist?

Richard Lightman richard at
Mon Jan 27 05:09:56 PST 2003

* sp0de <sp0de at> [2003-01-27 12:49]:
> Strange.. I just checked the kernel documentation it says to use none 
> there too, but the 4.0 book says to use usbdevfs. cvs has devfs in place 
> of usbdevfs, which is just the new naming. Should this be changed to 
> none in the book?
>From man mount:
   The proc file system is not associated with a special device, and
   when mounting it, an arbitrary keyword, such as proc can be used
   instead of a device specification. (The customary choice none is
   less fortunate: the error message `none busy' from umount can be

The same applies to usbfs (the new name for usbdevfs), devfs and any

Also the mount point /proc/bus/usb/ only appears after you load one
of the usb modules (I have forgotten which) (if you use modules).
This means you may need the mount option noauto, and a separate
mount command (or boot script) to mount it.


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