chroot again

Rolf Lindenbring rolf.lindenbring at
Sun Jan 26 23:48:20 PST 2003

Hi List,
this is again trouble with the chroot command.
I'am doing lfs my first time and have had no trouble in chapter 5 of the book.
but this was on friday.
So i started my machine up today again and mounted the new partition and set 
the $LFS to -mnt-lfs.
When i did the chroot command i've got the message :

chroot:  cannot execute /static/bin/env: No such file or directory

After that i take a look at the newsgroups and read all i've found about 
chroot. So i did also file $LFS/static/bin/ls
He told me that ls is statically linked and stripped.

I've had also a look in $LFS/static/bin.
But there is no file or directory called env

So what's wrong? Why it is not there ? Who should have it created.
Or do i miss something?


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