necessary packages for Linux Firewall

Richard A Downing richard.downing at
Sun Jan 26 23:38:01 PST 2003

Chris Nally wrote:
> If I am going to use my LFS system as a Firewall only, what packages can I
> do without?  What packages are the necessary in order to get a functioning
> system that I will use as a firewall.  I know that I will not need most of
> the development packages.  I am trying to keep a very lean system for my
> firewall for security pruposes.  I will not be using this system for
> anything else except an IPTables firewall and FreeSwan VPN server.

Are you cross-compiling from another box?  Otherwise you will need the
development pacakages in LFS until you have the thing up and running.  If
you are cross-compiling, check out the cross-compiling hint first.
I built something similar recently using an old 486 as the firewall.  First
I build a standard CVS LFS, then added iptables, dhcp and ssl/sshd from the
BLFS book (sshd lets me admin it from my main box, and not keep a monitor
connected).  The first chaps of BLFS are useful for package selection, but
you will need to know/learn more to get your netfilters set up right.
Once I have my firewall going well, I plan to remove gcc etc from the box.
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