Trouble with Glibc Installation (LFS Ch 6.13)

Ken Moffat ken at
Sun Jan 26 14:39:10 PST 2003

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Matt Cantore wrote:

> Here's my trouble.  I worked straight through to chapter 6.11 with no 
> troubles.  Everything appeared exactly as the book said.  At chapter 
> 6.13, Glibc-2.2.5, my trouble started.  First, I forgot to untar 
> Glibc-linuxthreads and it did not work properly. I fixed that but I had 
> created the glibc-build directory and it failed there.  I removed those 
> lines of code from the command and I got a fault similar to this:
 If you've found an error in what you are doing, you *have* to clear out
any build directory.  Similarly, if you get a configure wrong in
something that doesn't use a build directory it's best to wipe it out
and re-extract fresh source.

> I tried several times.  Each time I had similar problems.  I had 
> directories that I created and had trouble deleting using the current 
> work environment.  I went on to the internet and downloaded Glibc-2.3.1. 

 If this is your first lfs, probably best to stick with 2.2.5.  2.3.1 is
in the CVS book, and there are a number of different patches and
alternative ways of dealing with the new problems it brings (for anybody
using a 2.2 glibc host).
> Either way, I'm a bit puzzled.  The work enviornment is tough to work 
> in.  I'm having trouble getting permission to delete my previous 
> attempts at installing LFS.  I'm having to su just to kill old files and 
> copy the necessary Glibc-linuxthreads* etc around as necessary to unzip 
> and untar as needed.

 Now that you are in chapter 6, everything within the chroot jail is
owned by root.  Therefore, to remove files you need to be root.  It's
probably easiest to open a second console session for root on the host 
system, and use that to move files etc.  If you do this, it's probably a
good idea to set PS1 differently so that you can easily see which
console is which before you rm something on the host.

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