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sp0de sp0de at
Sun Jan 26 02:28:38 PST 2003

        When you finish with your LFS you don't have to keep it on the 
same machine. lets say you compile it on a 586, you would be able to use 
it on any other 586 or higher machine. You would most likely run into 
problems if you tried to run it on a 3 or 486 though. putting it in 
another architecture will not work at all.
        If you want to compile it on a fast athlon or p4 and use it in a 
lesser machine there is a way. check out the crosscompiling hint at


Chris Nally wrote:

>So when I am finished with my LFS system, do I have to keep it on the same
>machine that the host system is on?  It doesn't make much sense to create a
>LFS and have to keep it on the same system as the host Linux distro.  Maybe
>I am just confused, could someone please take the time to explain this to
>Chris Nally

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