Embedded LFS system

Willem Oldeman blfs at king-pin.nl
Sat Jan 25 17:14:02 PST 2003

On Saturday 25 January 2003 19:24, Chris Nally wrote:
> I am getting ready to build an LFS system.  I plan on using this system as
> a firewall and VPN server only.  I have read over the LFS 4.0 book, and I
> see how you configure the LFS system on a host Linux box, however, after
> you are finished building your system, how do you transfer it over to a box
> all its own (from the host box)?  Also, I plan on using a 32 MB Compact
> Flash modules with an IDE adpater as my "harddrive", however I am not sure
> which files I can strip from the LFS system in order to be able to fit the
> entire LFS onto 32 MB.  I guess I am trying to build an embedded LFS that
> would fit onto a 32 MB Compact Flash module.  Is it difficult to get the
> LFS system to boot and function correctly from a Flash module?  Just a few
> questions I have before I really get started.
> Chris Nally

Hi Chris,

If you really want to cut down on size, may I suggest the following links:

My firewall/router is an old 486. I used LFS to get it running. It's got 
something like 50Mb for all the code but it's not optimized at all. I also 
use various tools on it (sed, gawk and so on).
I bet that if you use dietlibc and libowfat (also from www.fefe.de) you could 
cut down size to -say- a 10nth of that...

I've heard about floppy's that contain a kernel that can access USB memory 
sticks, enabling the system to run on such a thing. I bet there's something 
similar for Flash modules... Use Google to find more info on the matter ;-)

You may want to read the cross-compiling howto if you want to assemble code on 
your P4 for another kind of machine...


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