Woes of the GUN HOE

Rob Millerd rmillerd at rmsm.net
Sat Jan 25 16:39:16 PST 2003

Well, thank you to all that responded to my thread, Power Host Machine. 
Too bad I didn't read the responses carefully enough...I was half way
through chapter 6 when I asked the question and had compiled all the
packages except the kernel before I saw the first response.  Anyway, I
just kept on going, compiled the kernel, configured lilo, and moved the
Hard drive to the new computer.  Not to mention the 5 hours I spent
taking the 386 mother board out of a mini-mini-tower and replacing it
with a P-233mmx (just because I like this case).  SO once I got the new
mother board in the case and connected all the cables and installed all
the cards I placed the Hard Drive in and crossed my fingers.  (side
note, I had successfully configured grub on my host machine and booted
into my LFS installation successfully a couple of times)  When I pushed
the power button the BIOS booted fine then "L 01 01 01 01 01 01 01
01...."  I did some research and found that if the /boot dir is not
within the first 1024 lilo flips and since I had not created a separate
partition for boot. :)  So I figured well I'll just load a boot loader
that can handle this situation. In came grub, and after some finagling I
got it right! Reboot...fingers crossed...grub launched and listed the
LFS install...ENTER...then the computer just restarted. I did it again
just to make sure.  No Luck.  So it seems that since I compiled on a
i686 for a i486 or i586 (not sure what a P-233 is) the kernel, along
with all the other packages need to be recompiled.  But this time I will
follow the cross-compile hint at

Once again thanks for the responses maybe next time I'll stop and pay
more attention to what I'm doing.

Rob Millerd <rmillerd at rmsm.net>
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