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Fri Jan 24 20:59:44 PST 2003

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 04:09:44 +0000 (UTC)
pegandersonbd1 at ("Ben Anderson") wrote:

> So I've decided to start the LFS program and am stuck already.  I recently 
> installed Suse on my machine.  It created 3 physical partitions.  /boot, 
> swap, and /.  I want to resize my / partition so that I can create a new 
> partition for LFS.  The book says to simply read the man pages for cfdisk 
> and fdisk.  I have read them multiple times.  I don't understand how I can 
> resize my partition.  I have umounted it and tried it.  I have tried parted, 
> fdisk, cfdisk, and suse's utility.  I do have data on this partition that 
> I'd like to preserve.  It is the Reiser FS.


	Quick pointers:			

	1. read one_partition_hint 

-- or --		

	2. use resize_reiserfs (try a man resize_reiserfs and read it), as your
root partition needs to be resized, you have to use bootcd (SuSe comes
on it) and boot the system with it (as I remember from SuSe, long time
ago, it has an option, rescue system, or something like that), then use
resize_reiserfs to shrink your existing filesystem, then use fsck to
resize your partition accordingly

	Hope it helps 
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