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J_Man jeremy at jutley.org
Thu Jan 23 01:16:16 PST 2003

Brenton Schulz wrote:
> Rob Millerd wrote:
>> Just wondering if it's OK to have a powerful host machine and then move
>> the hard drive to an older computer.  For example I have a PIII 730MHz
>> with 256 megs of ram as my host computer.  I'm building a LFS system to
>> be a dial-up router computer to run on an old 386 133MHz with 16megs of
>> ram.  I noticed while installing Binutils that it said i686.  does this
>> matter?  Will I have any problems running LFS on the old computer in
>> this situation?
>> Thanks  
> More than likely yes. The i686 extensions will be illegal instructions 
> to the 386 CPU and hence the binary files will not run. Once you've done 
> the configure's on each of the programs to be compiled, edit the 
> makefile's and look for where it's telling gcc to compile for i686 and 
> change it to i386.
> someone else can fill in the gritty details :p

There's an even easier solution to the i686 compiling for a 386 dilema. 
  Before you chroot, do this:

cp $LFS/static/bin/uname $LFS/static/bin/uname.orig

cat > $LFS/static/bin/uname << "EOF"
/static/bin/uname.orig "$@" | sed "s/i686/i386/"

chmod 755 $LFS/static/bin/uname

Then, when you enter chroot, everything will THINK you have a 
super-powered 386 box.  Begin chap 6 as indicated by the book.  After 
you compile sh-utils, you'll need to make the same hack to the uname it 

cp /bin/uname /bin/uname.orig

cat > /bin/uname << "EOF"
/bin/uname.orig "$@" | sed "s/i686/i386/"

chmod 755 /bin/uname

Read the cross-compiling-x86 hint for more details.


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