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Brenton Schulz overclocker.brent at optushome.com.au
Thu Jan 23 00:09:31 PST 2003

Rob Millerd wrote:

>Just wondering if it's OK to have a powerful host machine and then move
>the hard drive to an older computer.  For example I have a PIII 730MHz
>with 256 megs of ram as my host computer.  I'm building a LFS system to
>be a dial-up router computer to run on an old 386 133MHz with 16megs of
>ram.  I noticed while installing Binutils that it said i686.  does this
>matter?  Will I have any problems running LFS on the old computer in
>this situation?
More than likely yes. The i686 extensions will be illegal instructions 
to the 386 CPU and hence the binary files will not run. Once you've done 
the configure's on each of the programs to be compiled, edit the 
makefile's and look for where it's telling gcc to compile for i686 and 
change it to i386.

someone else can fill in the gritty details :p

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