Question on kernel upgrades

Peter B. Steiger wypbs001 at
Wed Jan 22 23:20:57 PST 2003

on 21 Jan 2003, Tony Sequeira sez:
> Aaaargh!  Are you telling me that I should rebuild a stable system,
> every time binutils, gcc and/or glibc are upgraded?  What about all
> the software installed after the previous successful build, rebuild
> them too?  Isn't this overkill?  Or am I missing something?

It makes me crazy too, but it's not just lfs.  I remember a couple years 
back when I was running my first Linux, RH 6.2, and I downloaded some game 
or other that wouldn't compile until I installed a development package... 
probably some graphics library or GTK+ update or whatever.  So I downloaded 
whatever-it-was.RPM and tried to install it, and RPM noted that this 
package required a newer version of glibc than I had.  {sigh} Fine, I'll 
play your little game.  I downloaded an updated to glibc and tried to 
update my existing glibc, and RPM listed about 5 zillion packages that 
depended on the current version of glibc and no other.

Thinking I knew better than Red Hat, I started screwing around with rpm 
options.  At one point I thought I would force the install of the newer 
glibc by removing the existing glibc first (using --nodeps and --force 
since it kept whining about how much would suffer if I removed glibc).

Friends, let me tell you from the painful lesson only a clueless newbie can 
learn: don't remove glibc if you don't want to have to reinstall Linux all 
over again.  Oh, the humanity... a week later, using a Tom's Root Boot 
diskette and Laplink (to transfer files downloaded from my NT workstation), 
I was back in business with a shiny new glibc - but installing that new 
glibc meant I had to also update gcc, X, rpm itself, and oh yes, also the 
kernel.  By the time everything was working again, I had a tangled mess of 
versions that was mostly 7.0 with bits and pieces of 6.2 still installed.

I'm still a clueless newbie and probably always will be, but at least I am 
(gradually) learning that cautious=good, impulsive=bad. 

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY
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