CFLAGS, optimasations, howto ?

Kris Wolff kris at
Wed Jan 22 01:06:07 PST 2003

Hi folks, 

I set up my lfs successful whithout setting optimasations. Now I want to use
this to optimise my system on specific hardware.

I plan to setup the envoirment CFLAGS and CPP... (?) variable. I can not
find a good how to for the best optimasations. I have a pentium IV and a AMD
k6, manny others will follow. I saw that there is the -arch flag, but if
this all ?? Can I make grater optimasations, whith oter flags ? Which one ?

Can anyone post a good refferencces ? Or give a explaination and a list of
all flag that I can set.

Secondary: if there is a rule how much speed I earn whith optimasations ? So
just a ( mostly 1/6, 1/8m, 1/4 ) thing wouod help.


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