Lfs boot problem #2

Manuel Vázquez Acosta manu at chasqui.cu
Tue Jan 21 19:47:49 PST 2003


Following the lfs book I had copied lfskernel to /boot, and
/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.2-2 to $LFS/boot.
>>>>>cp $(grep "image.*=" /etc/lilo.conf | cut –f 2 –d "=")

As you suggested I copied the /boot/message to $LFS/boot/message but lfs
didn’t started, it crashed. So, rollback.

My doubt now is that in the book says nothing about boot= or message=,
they just append the new menu option.

Can I remove safely the boot=/dev/sda line? 

Does LILO boots from root= instead of boot= when I choose lfs from its

Does this have to do with the missing linux/autoconf.h when compiling
lilo and my "solution" of touching this file before compiling lilo?

Does this have to do with the missing /bin/pwd when compiling linux and
my "solution" of symlinking /bin/pwd --> /static/bin/pwd?


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>My lilo.conf: 
> label=linux 
> initrd=/boot/initrd-2.4.2-2.img 
> read-only 
> root=/dev/sda1 
> label=lfs 
> root=/dev/sdb 
> read-only 
>It seems ok to me. 
>Any tips will help. About booting floppy by floppy, I fdformat one 
>But it said it was just 720kB large; strange, isn't it? 
OK ,  Now, Lilo tries to boot from /dev/sda and your lfs-system is on
What I would do is to put a copy of your lfskernel in your base system
in /boot/lfskernel  and then a copy of your /boot/message in your lfs
system in /mnt/lfs/boot/message because with this /etc/lilo.conf file,
Lilo looks for a kernel in /dev/sda and then if it starts it looks for a
/boot/message and this has to be present in both system.....
I mean that you should end up with /boot/lfskernel and 
/mnt/lfs/boot/lfskernel and /mnt/lfs/boot/message to be present in your
system...(  If that is not the solution you can always erase these files
afterwards.....???!!!!) (it could be a could idea to rerun /sbin/lilo in
both system too ...)
Now for the floppy, fdformat expects to find a 1440 kb floppysince it is
the density most people use (sometimes they are labelled HD,
high-density or double-sided) You should try to get some because I think
that 720kB could be a little small for your kernell (unless you have a
very small kernell, check the size???!!!!)
It is possible to format a 720kB floppy with fdformat though, just try
=man fdformat to get the information from the man page.(I have no acces
to my Linux system now but I know it is possible...)
Now I dont know if the difference between /boot/map and
/mnt/lfs/boot/System.map  could create problems too.......I hope not and
hopefully this message is clear enough to give you some help....

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