gpm paste (was: Re: problem to get rid of "I have no name")

Greg Schmidt lfsmail at
Tue Jan 21 15:41:29 PST 2003

mojoman wrote:
> Beleive it or not, here is the question. How do you cut/paste in text mode?
> Is there any easy way to cut and paste in "text mode" (not having X
> installed)?

Whatever you drag the mouse across to highlight is automagically in the 
clipboard, ready to be pasted.

Put the cursor where you want what you highlighted pasted and hit the 
"middle" button.  On a two-button mouse this might mean holding down the 
left mouse button while clicking the right one.  It might also be 
pressing the mouse wheel down, depending on your mouse and how it 
emulates three buttons.

The clipboard travels between the virtual consoles.  You can highlight 
on console 1 (where maybe you have a text version of the LFS book open) 
and Alt+F3 to console 3 and paste what you highlighted.

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