problem to get rid of "I have no name"

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Tue Jan 21 15:31:33 PST 2003

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> > No this is after installing Glibc (its the last line
> > of building/installing
> > Glibc) in LFS-BOOK 4.0
> >  But anyway i discovered a typo when installing
> > Glibc so im suspect that
> > this is the cause to the problem. I messed up
> > --prefix=/usr
> > to --prefix=/user. : (
> > Thanks anyway
> >
> Cool.  It is common practice (no one will laugh at
> you) to cut and paste the commands to avoid typos.  As
> long as you *know* what configure, make, and make
> install are doing (and take the time to learn what the
> --options are), then there is no shame in cutting and
> pasting the commands.
> Also, just a friendly note, please reply at the bottom
> of a post.  It makes it much easier for people to
> read;)

Ok, im trying to get it right this time (at the bottom it is) ;)
Ohh i was learned that cut/paste was called cheating and only was for lamers

Beleive it or not, here is the question. How do you cut/paste in text mode?
Is there any easy way to cut and paste in "text mode" (not having X
(And, yes you can laugh if you want)

Ps. Glibc build/install took 12 hours on P233 16Mb ram (doesnt seem that SBU
time units is a good measure with small memory)

// Thomas

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