Can not move file

Greg Schmidt lfsmail at
Tue Jan 21 15:07:58 PST 2003

Cole, David wrote:
> I am now trying to download the packages as lfs. When I do I can only get them into the /home/lfs directory
> When I try to move them to the /lfs/static/src directory it tells me that it can not move or make file: Permission denied.
> I am really starting to get confused. I do not understand what I doing wrong and I can't tell when I've had any measure of success.
Which user owns $LFS/static/src and what are the permissions?

Did you "chown -R lfs $LFS/static" as it says here:

The -R switch to chown is for recursive and forces any directories under 
$lfs/static also be owned by the user lfs.

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