Installing Bash

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Cole, David wrote:

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> Cole, David wrote:
>> When I installed bash as per instructions in chapter 5 I recieved an out
>> put of:
>> ./configure: line 44: conf32386.file: No such file or directory
>> ./configure: line 780: conf.log: No such file or directory
> Looks like you have permission problems.  The bash package should be
> unpacked by user lfs.  Then cd into the bash source directory, then run
> the configure line again.
> Since lfs owns the partition mounted on /mnt/lfs; you can use
> /mnt/lfs/usr/src to unpack and build packages.
> When I tried to unpack it as user lfs it would not work. I had to unpack
> it as lfs in su mode. I am now thinking that this was not supposed to be
> done this way and that a previous step was unsuccessful.

User lfs can unpack the tar balls anywhere that is owned by lfs. If you
have no other space; then, as user lfs, make a directory src in
/lfs/static.  cd into that directory, unpack the source, and try building
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