Stupid 'tar' question

Marc S. Jensen mjensen at
Tue Jan 21 07:01:59 PST 2003

Hi all,

OK, this is probably a really silly question, and I feel like an idiot for asking, but this has been bugging me...

I've built LFS several times, and never had any important problems (except one time when I tried to manually do the i18n stuff in glibc and didn't know what I was doing), but...  Why in the name of <insert deity of choice> is it that, when I untar a source archive, the created files aren't owned by me?  I mean...

1 - Login as root

2 - Download xyz.tar.gz into /usr/src

3 - gunzip xyz.tar 

I now have xyz.tar, owned by root.  No problem.

4 - tar -xvf xyz.tar 

I now have all the xyz source files in /usr/src/xyz, but they'll all be owned by, say "501" or something.  And I don't even *have* a user with uid 501.  

What gives?  

I'll sometimes see similar things with ftp -- I.e., I ftp a file to my linux machine, logging in as a specific user, and the file ends up being owned by a non-existant uid.

None of this actually stops anything from working -- but I don't like having files on my system that aren't owned by actual users.  

Thanks for any suggestions!


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