operation not permitted

Alex Fudio Alex.Fudio at uk.wdsglobal.com
Tue Jan 21 06:38:13 PST 2003

Hello my name's alex 
I just started creating linux following the lfs4 book or at least trying to

At binutils I'm already stucked...

I run this command

mkdir ../binutils-build &&
cd ../binutils-build &&
$LFS/static/src/binutils-2.13/configure --prefix=$LFS/static --disable-nls
make LDFLAGS=-all-static &&
make install

it start working but it goes up to 
Make Makefle
make config.h
linking /mnt/lfs/static/src/binutils-2.13/intl/libgettext.h to libintl.h

it reports this error

ln: create hard link `libintl.h` to
/mnt/lfs/static/src/binutils-2.13/intl/libgettext.h: operation not permitted

configure: error: can not link libintl.h to
Configure in /mnt/lfs/static/src/binutils-2.13/intl failed, exiting
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