Question on kernel upgrades

Michael Brömer mib at
Mon Jan 20 23:54:19 PST 2003

Am Dienstag, 21. Januar 2003 08:18 schrieb Peter B. Steiger:

> Well... not really.  When you say "rebuild LFS" do you mean, start all over
> at chapter 1?  That's what I'm getting at - say I have a good LFS going and
> kernel 2.6 comes along (I'm really looking forward to having alsa support
> built in so I don't have to mess with a separate set of drivers) ... when I
> install the new kernel, will I need to (a) do nothing else, (2) also
> rebuild glibc and/or gcc and/or binutils, or (5) blow away all of LFS and
> start over from chapter 1?

No need to rebuild the entire system to change the kernel. Just install
the new kernel and recompile the modules you use and thats it.

If i however upgrade glibc, gcc and binutils, then it is about time
for me to rebuild everything.

BTW: I tried 2.5.58 last week and ALSA worked fine for me out of the 
box. The only thing that did not compile was UML.

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