problem to get rid of "I have no name"

Eric Miller etmilleretmiller at
Mon Jan 20 20:35:20 PST 2003

>mojoman  wrote:Hi!Im trying to install lfs 4.0. In
>and in chapter 6 (lfs-book) when
installingGlibc->2.2.5 the line "exec /static/bin/bash
--login" is >supposed to get ridof the "I have no

Actually, that just causes bash to be conjured as a
login shell, it won't get rid of the "I have no name".
 That will disappear after you install GlibC, which is
four steps later.

>there going to be any problems becauseof this if i
>continue without having solved the problem

No problems at all, its perfectly normal.  Read the
chroot section again.

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