LVM installation - including root directory?

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at
Mon Jan 20 13:42:11 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-01-20 at 19:32, Richard Lightman wrote:
> * S. Anthony Sequeira <tony at> [2003-01-20 19:08]:
> > If someone can give some pointers please.
> > 
> > I already have a Debian Woody installation with everything but the root
> > directory in logical volumes.
> > 
> > When do I need to start thinking about creating an LFS installation with
> > everything, including the root directory in logical volumes.  I have a
> > sneaky suspicion that it is right at the beginning.
> > 
> > I have already received the magical incantation initrd, so I know where
> > to start my research.  Is this topic covered in any of the later books? 
> > Or do I have to extrapolate my own path in this?
> > 
> > Thanks for any help, and thanks for the help I have received in this
> > list and from the LFS community.
> > 
> The format of LVM changed from version 0.9.1beta8
> If Debian Woody uses an earlier version of LVM, the simplest thing to
> do is use version 0.9.0 in LFS. If you want to convert the LVM's to
> the new format, you will have to update Debian, and use the conversion
> too from 0.9.1beta8, and then (if you want) upgrade to the current
> version.
> I just check my web site, and found that it contains the old version
> (0.1.0) of my lvmboot program. This will not work with kernel 2.4.19
> or beyond. Give me a few minutes, and I will put version 0.1.2
> up, which can handle 2.4.19+, but needs lvm version 0.9.0.
> I have an experimental lvmboot that might work with kvm 1.0.5, but I
> have never tried it. As I have recently got my laptop back from the
> police, I can try it out soon.
> Richard

Cool, looks like something to go on.  The thing is that I will be
installing LFS on a brand new system from scratch, using Chris's boot
CD, or at least attempting to.  I am experimenting with LFS on the
current system which belongs to my daughter, hence I tend to get kicked
off whenever, like now.  Thanks, I will bear this in mind.


S. A. Sequeira

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