LVM installation - including root directory?

Richard Lightman richard at
Mon Jan 20 11:32:02 PST 2003

* S. Anthony Sequeira <tony at> [2003-01-20 19:08]:
> If someone can give some pointers please.
> I already have a Debian Woody installation with everything but the root
> directory in logical volumes.
> When do I need to start thinking about creating an LFS installation with
> everything, including the root directory in logical volumes.  I have a
> sneaky suspicion that it is right at the beginning.
> I have already received the magical incantation initrd, so I know where
> to start my research.  Is this topic covered in any of the later books? 
> Or do I have to extrapolate my own path in this?
> Thanks for any help, and thanks for the help I have received in this
> list and from the LFS community.
The format of LVM changed from version 0.9.1beta8
If Debian Woody uses an earlier version of LVM, the simplest thing to
do is use version 0.9.0 in LFS. If you want to convert the LVM's to
the new format, you will have to update Debian, and use the conversion
too from 0.9.1beta8, and then (if you want) upgrade to the current

I just check my web site, and found that it contains the old version
(0.1.0) of my lvmboot program. This will not work with kernel 2.4.19
or beyond. Give me a few minutes, and I will put version 0.1.2
up, which can handle 2.4.19+, but needs lvm version 0.9.0.

I have an experimental lvmboot that might work with kvm 1.0.5, but I
have never tried it. As I have recently got my laptop back from the
police, I can try it out soon.

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