Can't get lilo to work

dc_u dc_u at
Mon Jan 20 10:59:05 PST 2003

this is written for the archives, i hope it may be of use to someone.
After I installed lilo i rebooted, but when lilo started loading it only
prompted LIL and halted. This happened because I was using lilo in
conjunction with an extended bios called ez-bios that changes the disk
geometry because my bios doesn't support harddrives with more than 1024
cyllinders. I had windows installed (wich apparently needed this ez program)
on a seperate partion
As it turned out windows doesn't need the ez-bios program. After the drive
is formatted no problems is caused by the bios incompatability. I simply
uninstalled ez and reinstalled ez and that resolved all my problems.
A simple problem wich caused a big headache for me and held me in suspense
to see my newly installed lfs-system.
I wish to thank all the people who helped me in the lfs-support newsgroup.

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