NIC Problems...(Got the modules compiled into the kernel :D)

Leigh Gardiner leighgardiner at
Mon Jan 20 00:17:19 PST 2003


Thanks to the people that helped me get the modules compiled into the kernel 
for the NICs.

I've compiled in: eepro100 and 8139too

Now, all i want to do atm is to get the first NIC (eepro100) onto the 
network, then ill follow with the second (eventually, the first NIC will 
goto the network, the second will goto an Ethernet ADSL modem)...

Anyway...I've done this to configure them so far:

vi /etc/modules.conf
alias eth0 eepro100
alias eth1 8139too

root$ ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

I think the NIC is using the right module in the kernel, because when i try:

ping (my machine) the lights on the switch flash, and so do 
the lights on the NIC...but the problem is, the machine doesn't get any 

Any idea's?

Also, while setting up the LFS system, I thought that the book told us how 
to install TCP/IP utils, eg: tcpdump.

Yet when i try: root$ tcpdump it says command not found...maybe i was just 
imagining installing some package with these cmds in it?

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