Error compiling Linux-2.4.19 in chapter 8.

Manuel Vázquez Acosta manu at
Sun Jan 19 17:33:53 PST 2003


A few days ago, when I was compiling lilo, utils-linux and sysklogd 
I got an error saying that linux/autoconf.h was missing. 
In chapter 6 (lfs 4.0), when installing linux headers:
"touch /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h: This creates an 
empty autoconf.h file. As we do not yet configure the 
kernel, we have to create this file ourselves for 
those few kernel header files that make use of it, 
>>>>to avoid compilation failures.<<<<"
I made the same when compiling lilo, utils-linux and 
sysklogd, and then no errors showed up.

Then, in chapter 8, when I try to compile linux
it says /bin/pwd is missing. Again in chapter 6 in
the same place:
ln -s /static/bin/pwd /bin/pwd && 
.... && 
rm /bin/pwd

I made the symlink and it seems linux compiled

When I reboot, and choose lfs in lilo's menu,
it says:
kmod: failed to exec .sbin/modprobe -s -k block-major-8, errno = 2
VFS: Cannot open root device "810" or 08:10
Please append a correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:10

My lfs' /etc/fstab seems to be ok.
I checked the inittab but it is just
like book says it must be.

Any hints?

Manu  (Now I'm in the lfs list).

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