gcc compilation error

Nathan Hall nrh2 at aber.ac.uk
Sun Jan 19 16:33:32 PST 2003

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> Alas! Nathan Hall spake thus:
> > > Alas! Nathan Hall spake thus:
> > > > it says that egrep is a symbolic link to grep, which i checked and
> > > > statically linked file, is egrep the same as grep?
> > >
> > > Depends what you mean. egrep and grep are the same file, but that
> > > doesn't mean they behave the same way. ;)
> >
> > so which file do i need to compile GCC with?
> Well, if it said it was statically linked, then it should be fine. It's
> probably some other program that isn't statically linked, but I'm not
> sure which one.
> Try this:
> ldd $LFS/static/bin|grep dynamic
> and let us know what the output is.

wheny i typed that i got the following line come up on screen

ldd: /mnt/lfs/static/bin: no such file or directory

hope this helps you sort my problem out, thank you

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