Memory Leak in Kernel 2.2.19 and 2.4.20

Dag Gruneau dag.gruneau at
Sun Jan 19 08:46:00 PST 2003

This LFS was the most fun I have had in cumputing in a long time,
thanks to all of you who have made it possibke.

I have build a basic LFS 4.0 and entered runlevel 1 through:

init 1

I started 'top' to monitor and noticed how used memory increases over the
time. I tried 2.4.20 with the same result. Has anyone else noticed this?

During the time, no swapping ocurred, there was plenty of free memory at
the end of the test.

60MB was lost used over a 12 hour period.

Do someone have an idea how to diagnistic this further?


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