Writing the output of make to a file...

Brenton Schulz overclocker.brent at optushome.com.au
Sun Jan 19 03:17:13 PST 2003

Leigh Gardiner wrote:

> I'm trying to write the output of make install to a file so i can get 
> some help with compiling some nic modules...
> Ive tried:
> make install > install
> but the file turns out to be blank...yet there IS an output to the 
> screen...
> I would hand type it all onto my machine and post here, but there is 
> some wierd characters at the very start that you cannot type on a 
> normal keyboard...without using a character map.
> Any idea's?
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using the > character only writes standard output to the file, ignoring 
standard error.


make install &> install

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