Escape chars displayed in man pages

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at
Sat Jan 18 15:32:46 PST 2003

"Kevin Hayes" <kjhaze at> wrote in message
news:slrnb2jo8e.836.kjhaze at spock.enterprise...
> Just finished installing lfs (lfs-packages-cvs-20021023-1707.tar)
> When i display a man page i get escape sequences displayed eg
> a little of "man man"
> " ^[[1mNAME^[[0m
>        man - format and display the on-line manual pages
>               manpath - determine user's search path for man pages
>       ^[[1mSYNOPSIS^[[0m
>              ^[[1mman  ^[[22m[^[[1m-acdfFhkKtwW^[[22m] "
> You get the idea, ls and lynx in color work fine, and i get
> # echo $TERM
> linux
> # echo "^[[0;31;40mIn Color"
> ^[[0;31;40mIn Color
> I've tried setting export PAGER='/usr/bin/most' and using most
> instead of less, but just the same.

most? you mean more right?

> I've done a google search, and read the Text-Terminal-HOWTO-18.html
> Troubleshooting-section "Displays Escape Sequences", but am still
> stumped.

There's a note on the installing man page which reads (and I quote):
"Note: If you wish to disable SGR escape sequences, you should edit the
man.conf file and add the -c argument to nroff."

Did you do this?


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