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Sat Jan 18 14:28:07 PST 2003

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On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, [utf-8] Manuel Vázquez Acosta wrote:

> Hi again:
> (I'm not a member of the list; please answer directly to me.)
> In regards to linuxthreads I did exactly as the book says.
> About the patch, since I ran:
>   patch -Np1 -I ../glibc.patch && ... && ...
> This is, every command but the last followed by &&.
> I think if patch would have returned an error code it'd not compiled at
all, but it did.
> About logs, I very new in linux and I don't where to find them, but in
/var/log there's nothing.

There is a command called 'tee' that a lot of folks use for this.
It would look something like

    make 2>&1 | tee make.log

This runs make, make error messages follow standard output, '2>&1' and
pipes all that into program tee. Tee copies the input it is receiving to a
file named 'make.log' and also display the stuff it receives on the
screen. When it is done, you can use less or an editor to look at make.log
and see if there are errors.

When you run another command, you may choose a new file name if you want
to keep the other one.

> Now, util−linux−2.11u also gave me the same error I watched the
config.h which include the autoconf.h file.

Someone else will probably be able to help you with this.

> I ran: touch /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h
>  And compiled again lilo, sysklogd and utils-linux and they gave me no
errors. But I can't be sure they'll work fine. Any hints?

Generally, read the FAQ from LFS - it is a good resource for the types of
errors you seem to be having. Other than that, use google searches for
linuxfromscratch archives to help yourself get answers more quickly than a
post to these list might get the you an answer. Since you are new to
LFS/Linux, find the Linux Documentation Project (TLDP?) website. There are
*lots* of FAQs and tutorials there that will help you get going on some of
the basic Linux stuff you will need to know. A good starting point is the
one on bash or shell.

> Manu.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at

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