Building the real thing after static version

Richard A Downing richard.downing at
Sat Jan 18 11:44:36 PST 2003

Peter B. Steiger wrote:
  Is it better
> to rm -rf glibc-build first so we start with an empty directory

This comes up so often in the lists, you *really* should read the Book and
FAQ more carefully.  You have read the FAQ have'nt you?


ALWAYS use a freshly unpacked copy of the source of any package before the
Chapter 6 installation.  Even 'make distclean' isn't guaranteed to get
everything back as it should be.  The only exception might just be those
packages that are installed from a -build directory, but in that case you
must delete the old -build.

Anyway, you are to be congratulated for getting though chapter5, although
there is still a lot of work, chapter 6 is usually less prone to problems.
Best wishes,

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