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Rob Park rbpark at
Fri Jan 17 22:33:04 PST 2003

Alas! Peter B. Steiger spake thus:
> on 17 Jan 2003, Ken Dyke sez:
> > Using the tab key to invoke auto-completion ensures that the filename
> > is indeed unique and (of course) completes the argument.
> Cooooooool!  See, stuff like that isn't in the "how to use Linux" books I 
> get at the library.

This sounds like a remarkably good time to mention this:

Once you play with tab atuo-completion for a little while, you'll
quickly learn that it's remarkably stupid. The cd command will complete
on regular files! (this is frustrating if you've just unpacked a source
tarball into a directory with a similar name to the file, and you want
to change to that directory. tab to get half the name, type a letter,
tab to get the rest of it... bleah.

The above link, among other things, will show you how to get cd to
complete only on directories, and you'll get other kinds of awesome
completion (man will complete on man pages, you can autocomplete your
./configure options, etc etc etc).

Rob Park
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